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Grider is the 4,752nd most popular last name (surname) in the United States; frequency is 0.003%; percentile is 62.630    [SourceCBN]


Marcia Foster pretty much handles the Grider lineage.  Please contact her here.


This information is sent to me by the folks involved and I cannot guarantee it's accuracy.

My Grider family lineage includes:

generation I- Martin Grider (died before 1776).

generation II- Frederick Grider (before 1755-ca. 1819).

generation III- Frederick Grider (ca. 1781-1853).

generation IV- James Grider (1826-1909).

generation V- Daniel Marion Grider (1888-1949).

generation VI- Katherine Louise Grider Lepiarczyk.

generation VII- Erwin Heinrich Lepiarczyk II.

I am named in honor of my uncle, Erwin Heinrich Lepiarczyk (1943-1945). It will be a pleasure to communicate with descendants of Martin Grider regarding the genealogy of our Grider family. Martin Grider apparently died in Rowan County, North Carolina. The Frederick Grider (before 1755-ca. 1819) family moved to southern Kentucky from Burke County, North Carolina. Many descendants of Martin Grider reside in the proximity of Adair County, Kentucky today.


Erwin H. Lepiarczyk II    Email Erwin here

Barbara Grider    I have done Grider research for more years that I like to think and Imay be able to sort out some things for all you cousins. Six Grider men: Martin, Frederick, John, Valentine, Jacob and Cunrod/Cornelius were in the Burke Co. area of NC before 1800. These men were possibly/probably brothers. Jacob and Cornelius stayed in NC while the other four moved to south-central KY.

The Cornelius and Valentine families use the Gryder spelling of the name while most of the others use Grider. The one exception that I know about is Frederick's son, William, who moved to Louisiana, He, too, used the Gryder spelling.

Those of you with roots in Hempstead and Benton counties in Arkansas are descendants of Valentine's son, Isaac. If your line lived in another county, let me know as I have more data.

Cunrod/Cornelius's family were in Alexander Co. NC and spread from there. By the way, Cornelius is the Anglican form of the German, Cunrod. Cornelius had three sons: John, Frederick and Martin - guess who they were named for. You all do have a copy of Cornelius' will, don't you?

The Griders were said to be Swiss and one story says they were Mennonites. Some Grider researchers think that the six Grider men mentioned above were the sons of Frederick Grider and Barbara Euler who were in Burke Co. NC in 1790. THIS IS NOT PROVEN! I discount the three brothers story as it exists in practically every family.  E-mail   bgrider@worldnet.att.net

Elizabeth Betsy Grider     I am the great-great granddaughter of Elizabeth Betsy Grider, her son was Si Leroy Ross, married to Josephine Pendegrast, their daughter was Jodie P. Ross, her daughter is Cordie B. Lang, my mother. She is still living, either 99or 101. She still remembers names in the family. Her health is quite good, but short memory fuzzy.If any of you remember hearing of her I would like to hear from you. Chris Pate   Joencp@aol.com
Howard Kay Grider  is my Dad.  His brothers names are Jay and Ray.  His dad lived in Clinton Co. Ky. His mother was a Hopkins, I have contacted a few other people on the net and can't seem to find any connetions.  My dad is 67 and now living in Huron Twp. Michigan.  His brother Ray lives in Ohio.    Debra Andras e-mail  debrj@webtv.net
Jake Grider   Bakersfield, CA    I'm told I was named after my great-grandfather,  There are several  Griders in this area, those in our family being myself and four siblings,  (Betty, Janette, Jerry, and Beverly), in addition to a number of cousins, aunts and uncles - My father's family moved to this area in the mid-1940's from the Ozark, MO area. I would be interested in hearing more! - I can be reached by email at   JGrider394@NetZero.net
Jane L. Grider   I haven't done a lot of Grider geneaology research since it's my ex-husband's name. I have come across some interesting tidbits though. In "Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, Extracted from Original Court Records of Augusta County, 1745-1800" by Lyman Chalkley, a Benjamin Grider is mentioned in 1751. Several mentions are made of Martin Gryder (Grider, Groeder), the most interesting of which occured in 1777.

Martin and John Gryder participated with others in an attempt to roust forces under the command of George Washington, claiming that the land belonged to King George III. These Tory Gryders are not found in the 1790 Virginia census, but Martin and John Grider are found in the Morgantown District of Burks County, North Carolina in the 1790 census along with three other Grider males. Is it possible that these are the same Martin and John earlier found in Virginia?

Descendants of Martin and John in North Carolina later migrated into Kentucky and appear to be the ancestors of most of the Kentucky Griders. A Peter Greider (Kreider) is also mentioned as being in Augusta County, VA in 1768, and a Henry Grider fought in the Revolutionary war and is listed as living in Mercer County, VA in the 1790 census. I have come across a Greider family that migrated from Germany into Georgia which seems to have no connection to the Kentucky Griders.

There were also Greiders of German and Swiss-German ancestory in Pennsylvania at least in the early 1700's. I don't know if they are connected to the Kentucky Griders and any information would be appreciated. A Scotch ancestory for the Kentucky Griders was first suggested by my mother who is an ardent genealogist and a past president of the Chicago Genealogical Society. The above mentioned activities of Martin and John Gryder (Grider, Groeder) seem to lend some weight to that idea.

Has anyone ever established a link between Hans Jacob Greider that migrated from Germany to Pennsylvania in approximately 1716 and the Gryder family? I haven't found anything that establishes that Greider and Gryder are even the same families. In fact, Greider/Grider and Gryder/Grider seem to be fairly distinct names from the little research that I've done.

I may be contacted at janelgrider@hotmail.com if you have any information on the location and origin of Griders before 1750.

John Grider b:7/11/1755 in Maryland m:1781 to Isabel Blair daughter of Colbert and Sarah Blair in Burke Co. N.C. d:10/23/1838 in Henderson Co. Tenn. They had 12 children. Barbara b:12/26/1781 in Burke Co. N.C. m:1801 in Adair Co. Ky. to Charles Medaris d:? , James b:9/5/1783 in Burke Co. N. C. m:1803 in Jamestown, Russell Co. Ky. to Sarah(Sally) Medaris d:1874, Wm.M. b:5/3/1785 in Burke Co. N.C. m: 1807 to Lucy Allen, John , Jr. b:6/13/1787 in Burke Co. N.C. m:2/10/1811 in Adair Co. Ky. to Rebecca Sanders, Moses b:11/1/1789 in Burke Co. N.C. m:8/14/1814 in Adair Co. Ky. to Mary Powell, Enos b;11/11/1791, Amos b:11/24/1792 in Burke Co. N.C. m:11/19/1815 in Adair Co. Ky. by Rev. Waggoner to Ann Allen, Aaron b:1/5/1794 in Burke Co. N.C. m: ? to Harriet Blanton d:8/7/1864 in Knox Co. Indiana, Silas b:12/1/1795 in Burke Co. N.C. m:9/18/1818 in Adair Co. Ky. to Sarah Folden, Sarah(Sally) E. b:6/9/1798 in Burke Co. m:1/1/1822 in Adair Co. Ky. to Lewis Bailey, Joseph Morgan b:7/9/1801 in N.C. m:11/1/1823 in Adair Co. Ky. to Sarah Womack d:8/17/1878, Archibald F. b:11/17/1804 in Burke Co. N.C. m:11/23/1824 in Adair Co. Ky. to Ascha(Axie) Bailey d:1893 in Lecoma, Dent Co. Mo.  

This is as far back as my mother has researched our ancestory to the best of my knowledge. Marjorie E. Grider (Foster) is my mother and her father was Lawrence "Ike" Grider b:11/29/06 d:1/19/70 born around Rantoul, IL. There are a lot of holes as far as dates, etc. I would love to find any connections I don't have please.  

E-Mail to  Marcia Foster

Joseph Morgan GRIDER    My grandmother was Margaret Sidney Johnson ROSS.  She married James Nelson POOL. Margaret was the daughter of Hugh M. ROSS who was married to Elizabeth (Betsy) GRIDER. She was the daughter of Joseph Morgan GRIDER and Sarah (Sally) Womack.  Some info we have on Joseph has him as Joseph Alan.     e-mail me at   rford27879@aol.com

Kimberly C. Guider   My father's name is Charles Wayne Guider, He was born to Joseph Payton and Ada Johnson Guider. Joseph Payton Guider's father was John Sherman and I think John Sherman Guider's father was another Joseph Guider....  Contack Kim at:   Kcland1@aol.com
Marama Katherine Grider,   b. May 9, 1873, her father was Emery Duncan Grider, b. 12, 26, 1818, m. Melinda Anna Fanning, died 12-30-1893 in Scottville, Macoupin Co., Illinois, his father was Martin S. Grider who married Ava Duncan in Morgan County, Illinois. We are having trouble finding informatiion on Martin and his ancestors.    Contact:  Wayne Irwin
Michael E. Grider    My father's family is from Breese, Illinois. My dad has a lot of relatives and half-brothers and sisters living in southern Illinois. There has always been some debate in our household if the Grider name was a German or English name. My Dad is from a town in Illinois that is almost 100% German and German was spoken there as the second language well into the 30's and 40's.  My father's name is Eugene H. Grider and his father was James Harrison Grider.  However, I believe the name was spelled Gryder at one time or Grieder.     mgrider@htcomp.net

 NANCY GRIDER (13 Nov 1769 - 6 Nov 1858  She may have been born in VA and later moved to Burke Co., NC. Nacy Grider married William Tucker Sr. about 1789 possibly in Burke Co., NC. Some have told ne she was the daughter of a Frederick Tucker in Burke County in the area that later became Caldwell County. Her husband William Tucker Sr. died in Burke Co (now Caldwell Co.) 10 Dec 1808. after his death, she moved to Bradley co., TN and is buried at the Fort Hill Cemetery in Cleveland, TN. Any leads, would be fantastic. Bob Maynard bmaynard@airmail.net

Nicole Grider   The only child of Ray Grider and his wife Jeraldene Grider, maiden name Rinard. Ray and Jerry are now retired and trying to live the good life in Lee's Summit, Missouri, right outside of Kansas City. I, Nicole Grider, 28 years old, live in Nashville, Tennessee where I am not only pursuing a recording contract, I am also studying Radio Broadcasting at Vol State and Music Business at Belmont University, Nashville, Tennessee. Ray Grider can be reached via email at RayGrider2@aol.com and I can be reached via email at CowGalSings@aol.com

Paula Grider McDaniel    My family is from Stevenson, Alabama.  Grandfather was Roy Grider who married Emma Pauline Bullard.   They had 5 children. I don't know much about the history prior to them because my parents divorced and I was raised by my mother.  I know all of the cousins, most of which are still there.  I was raised in Michigan. Srail@ix.netcom.com     Her daughter, Alex McDaniel,  is real sweetie and can be reached at:   Alexmc15@hotmail.com
Regna Grider Pipes   I was born in Hollywood, Alabama.  My dad is Aubrey Pearly Van Grider and his dad was Francis Marion Gryder or Guider or Grider ( it is spelled these three different ways on different papers. Francis Marion was born in Loudon, TN (somewhere we also found info that he was born in Marion Co,, Ky.) on 14 April 1857 (I also have it 14 Feb. 1857) He was the 6th of seven children born to Joseph Guider (born 1 Jan. 1816 In Rockbridge, Va. , (I also heard Lexington Ky.) and Ann E. Tuck born about 1825 in Tennessee.  Francis Marion Married Katie Oden 21 Jan. 1880 in Loudon, Tennessee.  They had at least three children: Cordelia, John and Tom.

I am looking for any family members or friends of Sara GUIDER born about 1848, Lucinda GUIDER born about 1850 and married Boldin SCHRIMSHER, Clabe GUIDER born? married Margaret J. MYERS 27 Sept., 1882., James E. GUIDER born 1849 , Houston GUIDER anywhere from 1856-58, George W. GUIDER born Dec. 26, 1860, married Sarah E. Worley 26 July,1885, Sherman GUIDER son of Joseph and Harriet LAMBERT GUIDER.

I would also like to hear from anyone that knows anything about Francis Marion GUIDER/GRYDER/GRIDER and Katie ODEN 's children John, Tom,Cordelia. I think most of these families were from Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama and mabey Kentucky. On 20 Aug 1894 in Winchester, Tennessee he married Martha Louisa Gold.  Does any of this meet with your family?  E-mail me at:    VGMX05C@prodigy.com

Shirley (Grider) Schroeder   My father's name is Russell LeRoy Grider, his father's name was John Hayden Grider married to Addie Edwards.  My great grandfather's name is Cyrus Wells Grider (1854) married to Mary Melinda Harlan, great-great grandfather Israel Grider (1822-1904) married to Jane Riddle.

We are of German-Dutch descent. Our name has been spelled 9 different ways: Greiter, Kreider, Grittor, Gryder and Grider.  In 1745 the Holland families were expelled from Holland because of religious persecutions.

Three Griders are listed in theoriginal passenger list of theshop Princess Augusta, and landed in Philadelpha September 16, 1736. They were Hans Jacob Grider aged 55, Fredreick GRider age 21, and Martin Grider age 19.    snorty@yuba1.yubacoe.k12.ca.us

Tammy Grider Godwin  My father is John Dennis Grider the oldest of ten children born to Buck and Essie Grider in the Jackson County area of northeast Alabama. I think my grandfather's name was really John but maybe Buck was a nickname??? I think my great grandfather was Will. My dad's sibs are Larry, Jerry, Don, Ann, Juanita, Vivian, Charlotte, Pete (this is my aun'ts nickname, her real name may be Penelope?) Betty. My dad tells stories of how his family were farmers and sharecroppers. My great grandfather Will might have been a blacksmith. My dad says he could also build anything you could think of.

Any info on this line of the family would be great. I may be reached by email

Rev. Danny Glen Guider Sr.   Lenoir City, Tennessee. The Guiders in Lenoir City and the Gryders in Greenback, Tn. trace their roots to Joseph Gryder, who died in 1885. Most of my information came from the National Archives and the Tennessee State Archives because he fought for the North in the Civil War. He was discharged 2-23-1865 in Nashville. He had served, as a Private, in Captain Benjamin T. Bingham's company A, Third Regiment of the Tennessee infrantry. He states in his discharge that he was born in Rock Bridge County Virginia. I'M STUCK!! This is as far back as I have been able to go in my family tree. HELP!! In the Tennessee 1860 census, he is married to Ann E. Tuck who is 36 and he is 54. They have the following children: Sarah, Lucinda, James E., Joseph H., John W., and Francis. Later they had George W. and Henry C. My Great Grandfather is George W. who was the father of Eddie, who was the father of Edward Glen, who is my dad. In the census of 1870, Joseph is married to Harriot Lambert (Sarah had died) and they had one son named Sherman. He is father of the Gryders in Greenback, Tennessee. I have almost a small book about Joseph Gryder. If I can be of help or you can be of help, I am glad to exchage information. E-mail  dannyguider@hotmail.com
Edward Glen Guider, Jr
  My Father is Edward Glen Guider, Sr. My Grandfather was Eddie Guider, My Great Grandfather was Geogre Washington Guider, and my 2nd Great grandfather was Joseph Guider. We are Blount & Loudon Co., TN. Spelling also Gryder, Grider, Grieder.      gdog7593@aol.com


Charity Frances Grider b abt 1788 in NC?  I am looking for data on my husband's ancestors. I know nothing of her parents. She married Charles BACK abt 1810 and all or most of their children were born in KY. They were: Charles M, George W, Sarah Jane, Thomas, Giles, Martin GRIDER, Martha, Jacob B. and John.

E-Mail  Patsy Spradley Davis


George Grider/Gridder/Grydder  Here is the story I have been told:  George Gryder married Lizzie Cannon abt. 1865/66 they had 1 son named George Edward b.1869.... George Grider died in 1872 and Lizzie married Son Hardcastle at which time George Edward took his stepfathers surname and went as George Edward Hardcastle... Does anyone know the true story?     e-mail Lisa little.jo@nashville.com

I am not actually a GRIDER researcher, but I have the following married into my BATES line. Would appreciate hearing from anyone with information on these GRIDERS. Will share what I have.

Mahala GRIDER born abt 1847 MO, and John Pinckney BATES born 11 Feb 1845 Perry Co TN, were married 7 Aug 1865 Perry Co MO.

James C GRIDER born abt 1832 amd Sousan BATES born 1834 TN, were married 7 Feb 1854 Randolph Co AR. Marriage performed by Martin GRIDER JP

Mahala & James C GRIDER thought to be siblings. Possibility that Martin GRIDER may be father, sibling, etc.

John P BATES & Sousan BATES are siblings. Thanks for any help.

Marlene Johnson   Sand Springs OK       empori6573@aol.com

Sent to us from Geoffrey Grider...  Just a tip for you, Gryder and Grider are two totally seperate family lines. Grider was originaly Kreuter, and they were all Swiss Mennonites...................so you might want to adjust your web site to reflect that. My Uncle Rufus Grider was a well known historian and artist, and he passed down a detailed diary of the Grider family from the 1600's to 1900.  The diary is quite real I assure you, and was written by my (our) late Uncle Rufus Grider, noted historian and artist in the Mohwak Valley in Upstate New York...........The Krueter spelling is the actual way our ancestors spelled it, as Rufus noted in the middle 1800's. The Krueters/Grider were all Swiss Mennonites and settled in Iowa and Pennsylvania after arriving here in the late 1600's.

The Amish and the Pennsylvania Dutch make up the largest part of our heritage here in this country. I was raised that way, with a very real knowledge of our Pennsylania connetection. The Moravian College in Bethlehem PA houses volumnes of Uncle Rufus' work, as do museums in Upstate NY. His word carries a lot of weight in the light of the fact that he was a professional historian and artist, as opposed to people who simply hand down stories without knowing their origins. I am working on a web site that will have all this info as well as PDF's of the diary itself. Again, the GRYDER spelling appears in no literature or records that I know of in the last 150 years at least, so the likelihood that they are a totally or mostly seperate line is quite high. The most modern (early 1800's) variation according to the diary is GREIDER, and they dropped in extra E wihtin Rufus' lifetime....................hope this was helpful. Again, this is not a "theory", but recorded fact.  E-Mail him at  thewebdoctor@griderweb.com

I have been looking for the following names: Eugene Harrison Grider, brother Nathan (maybe) and for sure a brother named Adolph. My daughter attends church where this man attends. My daughter and family just moved there last

year and the wife of Eugene (Gene) got to talking to her and said something about trying to find out about her husband's family. She had not had any luck. Gene has been suffering from Parkinson's disease for several years and is now in the final stages and will have to be bed ridden from now on. I say that to say that Bobbie would like to find out about Gene's family as a gift to him. He didn't know his father very well. Not sure if his father died or left his Mom and may have raised another family. But I think he died. Gene is about 73-78 years of age. She never told me his age when I asked. I'm afraid she won't tell me either. His father's name was John and he spoke German. This John could have lived in and around Breese, Illinois. Bobbie gave me the name Lottie also. Could have been his mother's name or Adolph's wife's name or a sister. Adolph has children named Maurice (St. Louis, Missouri) and James (Arizona). Do you have any information on this family? If not, perhaps you could tell me where else to look.

Barbara Grider may have found the family I mentioned above, but if anyone has more information concerning this family I'd love to hear from you.>From the 1910 IL Soundex I have the following:

214 0170 0160 Williamson Co. {Marion]

Grider, John W. 46 IL

Eva 41 IN

Adolph 29 IL

Golda 18 "

Claborn 15 "

Edgar 11 "

The above John W. was the son of Adolphus [wife Charlotte, Lottie?] son of Wm. M. [listed as Gryder in the 1850 census]. William M. was born in NC around 1800 but I have never been able to connect him to my bunch of Griders. I would think that the above Adolph would be too old to be the brother of Eugene but I would guess that the name was carried down to the next generation. I don't have anything after the 1910 census. This group of Griders are found in the Williamson Co. IL censuses from 1850 on down.  By coincidence one of Barbara's correspondents was on the Internet asking about this family. It seems his daughter is marrying one of Wm. M.' s descendants and he is trying to do a family tree for a wedding present. Thanks for any help. email address is: eeshelton@aol.com (Meg Shelton)



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