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GABRIEL THOMAS GRYDER b. Sep 14, 2010 to Ray Garland Gryder, II & Kimberly Ann Jones. Weight: 7 lbs. 2 oz.


Scott & Heather Gryder had a new daughter on 5-12-2010 / Reagan Marie Gryder


As of September 24, 2009, the Gryder family got a little bigger. Rachel Elizabeth Widener, and Cory Dale Gyder, now have a son,

Gyles Mason Gryder.~

This page is to help the Gryder Family to find each other.

Other Variations of Gryder (Grider etc.) are on this Page.

Gryder is the 19,662nd most popular last name (surname) in the United States;  frequency is 0.000%; percentile is 77.880       Source CBN

If you are a Gryder and stumble on to this page, We would like to hear from you!

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The Gryder Family Laura, Sebastian and Kelvin  Pictures


Angela Denise  [9/5/82]  Granite Falls NC.   I'm the daughter of Harold Dean Gryder, Grandaughter of Dallas Clyde Gryder, and Greatgrandaughter to Tilet Gryder.   AHPG@aol.com

Angela Gryder Gregg   From: Blowing Rock, NC  (Daughter of Roy C Gryder, Granddaughter of Gaither G. Gryder Greatgranddaughter of Tillit Gryder.)  Also sister to Kelvin and Scott D. Gryder.     angiegregg@earthlink.net
Belinda Elaine My father was William Conniel Gryder III, 1928 to1999, his father was William Conniel Gryder Jr. 1900 to 1983 and there was Pappy William Cornneilus Gryder Sr. 1860 to 1957. We live in Ocean Springs Mississippi. Pappa came to Biloxi,ms from north mississippi and came to biloxi in 1920 where we have been ever scents, Would love to knoe what you know so I can start on brings us together.  EMAIL
Bill   Owner of Shoe Express and Gryder Shoes headquarterd in Biloxi, Mississippi E-Mail  NO CURRENT E-Mail ADDRESS AVAILABLE!

Christopher    I'm William Christopher Gryder from Dallas TX. born in Kansas City MO. On 01/30/1957 son of Billy Joe Gryder who changed his name to William J. Gryder and Eleanor Myers Gryder. Have two brothers Steven Jeffrey Gryder and John Merrill Gryder two sons William Jeffrey Gryder born 07/04/1986 and Robert Jamison Gryder born 10/20/1991 and one grandchild RaiLeigh Kristine Gryder born 04/12/2012   EMAIL

Cornelia Gryder Cornell [10-18-62] (m. Louis Howell Cornell), born 3-12-39 in Blowing Rock, NC to Gaither Greene Gryder (m. Etta Belle Costner 6-2-31).  My grandfather was Tillit Bogartus (m. Hannah Cornelia Greene).  My great grandfather was John Roswell (m. Emma Lou Simmons), great great grandfather was Leander Rufus (m. Elizabeth White) and great great great grandfather was John (m. Nancy Gibbs).

Louis and I have an adopted son, David Louis Cornell born 3-30-72. I'm a sister to Roy Costner Gryder.    cornelia76@aol.com

Cory Dale  [4-3-1980]   [Father Allen Dale, grandson of Dallas Clyde, great grandson of Tillit.]   I live in Lenoir, NC. My sister Ashley Jill Gryder-Norton now has 2 childern, Shae Vicotra Norton and Taylor Claudia Norton (age 5 and 3).      chosen_1_28645@yahoo.com
Curt Gryder   I currently live in San Diego but am orginally from Guy, Texas.  My father is Curtis Sr. from Minden, LA. His father was Milton from the same place.  They have spoke of relatives from Arkansas, but little is known to me of them. One unusual fact that relates to several of the messages on this site is that I, my father, and his father all share the middle name of Avery.  Averis is mentioned on several of the messages. If anyone knows anything about my branch of the tree, I would appreciate it.     e-mail me at   nwowolfpack13@hotmail.com
Dana Gryder   I was adopted by Donnie and Joyce Gryder in 1968 at the age of 2.  I do not have a very good relationship with my adoptive parents and seek to find out something about my biological family.  I was born in Staunton, VA on april 8, 1966.  The surname Hoover was one of my parents.  I have found a brother who is 2 yrs. older, but no luck in my search for the rest of my family. Any Help would be appreciated!     dgbg2@webtv.net
Daniel Wayne Gryder   Born 6/11/61 to James and Doreen Gryder. My father was born( at an early age I might add...) in Stony Pt, NC and moved to Chase city, VA LOTS of GRYDERS here and in the area, we had a GRYDER reunion in Chase City in the summer of 1992, there was a far distant cousin in attendance who had done a tremendous amount of research on the entire geneological picture. Ray Gryder (my uncle) still lives there and would know who this was...t of it. My father can be contacted at      jdgryder@coiinc.com
Debbie Trickey   My GGgrandfather was Averis. His son Frederick was my Ggrandfather and his daughter Bessie was my Grandmother.  My Father is John Watson. He had four brothers and a sister.  All are deceased except for my Father.   The second son was named in honor of the Gryder family and took Gryder as his first name.   In fact in the pictures you have on the net, I believe he looks a lot like Earl. I lived about two miles from where Bessie and her husband Earl S. Watson raised there family in Bucksville KY.

Looking forward to sharing imformation and finding out more about my family. ftrickey@logantele.com

Divina [Married to Ken]  Ken (my husband) is married to a Filipina. I met Ken when I was getting my Ph.D. in Japan. We got married in the Philippines, went back to Japan to get graduate. We stayed in Japan one more year because Ken landed into a good job in a Japanese company and then after that we fly back here in the States. I'm still doing research, as a post-doctoral fellow while Ken is getting another degree, this time in engineering.  Ken is fluent in Japanese.      DGRYDER@GEMS.VCU.EDU
Donald Ray [Don]
 [10-7-1939]  (Son of Carl D. Gryder and grandson of Sam Houston Gryder)  Mother Lula May  Obituary / Daughter  Allise and wife Yanti.  Indonesia (Formerly West Texas)
Edd Doyle [12-1-1955] (Wife Jody) Bozeman, MT My grand father's name was Joseph Edward Gryder. His nick name was Edd. My Mom, Ruth, gave me his nickname as my first name (Edd). My dad's name was William Doyle Gryder and was born and raised in Dublin, Texas along with a brother Howard (died young in a car wreck) and his two sisters, Clare and Eddie Inez. One of my better-known second cousins is Fess Parker. My full name is Edd Doyle Gryder. With my middle initial D., and my first name having two D's, I have adopted the nick name "3-D". I am married to Jody Lynn and we have an adopted daughter we named Rebekah Morgan Gryder and an adopted son named Tanner Joseph. We own and operate a digital audio recording studio named Recording EDGe. Edd@Gryder.com   http://www.recordingedge.com
Edmond Harry (Ted)  (Father/William E. of Orrick, MO)  Silver Spring, Maryland   Descendant of Valentine Gryder, an American Revolutionary War vet from Loudon County, Virginia.)    thegryders@worldnet.att.net 
Ella Gryder Jarrell Wigley  born 4 Feb 1890 in LA. Her father was Robert Franklin Gryder b 11 Feb 1871, d 11 Jan 1936. He was the son of Samuel Gryder. Robert's other children were Hiram b 5 Jan 1889?, Edgar F b 10 Jun 1894, Ola b 21 Jan 1896, Jesse Lee b 22 Jul 1898, and Robert M "Rob" b 1 Jan 1900. I would like to hear from any one connected with this family. Most of these lived in northwestern Louisiana.
Wanda J Thompson    wjthomps@pgtc.net
Gareh    Jason    Veronica   Decendant info only!
Gary Marvin (Gryder) Greenwood   I was born Gary Marvin Gryder, June 8, 1949 in Rockford, IL. I was born to Marvin Gryder and Betty Ann Dyerson, Marvin Gryder was the son of Frank Gryder and Anna Henry Ivy. I was given up for adoption by my father, lived with my birth Mother but I'm still a Gryder.   I'm hoping this info will help you some. I my father says we have a lot of Relatives in Missouri and Illinois. He now lives in Tampa, Florida  e-mail me at GMGOKC@aol.com
Guy Otis.    I Currently live in Texas.  My Fathers name is Otis Andrew Gryder.  His brothers name is Carroll William Gryder.  They have one sister, Jenean (Hildreth) Gryder.  My grandfathers name was Guy Carroll Gryder.  He had 2 brothers and 3 sisters.  Their names are William G. Gryder,  Joe ? Gryder,  Norma (Rhinehart) Gryder,  Gladys (Geihler) Gryder,  Montie (Lamey) Gryder.   From what I understand is that we came from Tennesse and from Arkansas. My Father told me that my GREAT, GREAT, GREAT, Grandfather was the Sherrif of Gryder Arkansas. Sister is Lucinda.     guygryder@gmail.com

Irma Lee Gryder    Obituary

James Ashleigh Gryder   I stumbled upon your website and decided to post my information.. I was born oct.1, 1972 and my fathers name is William D. Gryder and my grandfathers name (my dads dad) is William Ashleigh Gryder. My mothers name is Carol Petrie, although Petrie is her now remarried name. I am looking for anyone related to me or my dad or grandfather or knows personally who I am talking about, because as far as I know, i have no other family. this would change my life to find more immediate relatives. anyone with information on me and my Gryder family, PLEASE email me at "This Address"

James Edmond      JEGryder@Fox-Net.net     info coming... Maybe? We Hope!!!
James Thomas Jr. [Tom]  born in Dallas TX [1959], currently in El Segundo,CA]   (Father/James Thomas (Jim) born in Weleeta, OK [1926], currently in Northbrook, IL  /Great Grandfather/James |Great Grandmother/Martha Lockhart)  One son, James Thomas III  [1994]     Office: Tom.Gryder@sun.com  Home: TGryder@socal.rr.com
Jane Gryder
  In my search for my roots, I find that my great,great grandfather Jonathan Knox (born 1788) married Jane Gryder in 1827 in Camden, Arkansas (parents were William and Mary (Perry) Gryder. Can you help me push back the curtain of time and add anything to Jonathan and Jane, particulary to Jane's ancestors (if she is in your data base). I do have a list of their children which follows. Jane was the second wife of Jonathan as the first wife died about 1835 in Haynesville, La.   List of children of J. Knox and J. Gryder; William Green Knox born 12/15/1830, George W Knox born 5/19/1839 (my ancestor), Hugh Richard Knox born 9/7/1840, Enoch Knox born 9/30/1842 N. Carolina born 7/22/1845, John Franklin Knox born 2/12/1849, Cynthia Ann Knox born 6/20/1831 Nancy C. Knox born 6/20/1835 Mary Jane Knox born 6/5/1833     Contact:  Earl Knox
Jason Gryder   I live in Angola, IN. I was born and raised in Petersburg, IN just north of Evansville. If you are interested in my family let me know.  jmgryder@dmci.net
Jeffery David Dob: 10/16/66  Father: Willard A. Gryder, Grandfather: Gertha Gryder. Born in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Occupation: Computer Programmer, Graphic Designer.  Love: Lacrosse, Rugby, Snowboarding, Computers and of course Women, The Colorado Avalanche.  I live in Denver Colorado    E-Mail  JGRYDER@AISINGOT.COM
Jessica Rene' [4/19/77]  (Father Ricky/ Stepfather David Kaminski) I was born in Springhill, LA and my brother also. My two younger sibs were born in Minden Medical in Minden, LA. My Mother was born and raised in Morgan City, LA.  My real dad was born and raised in Springhill, LA.  And we have a seperate page for the information that Jessica submitted.   (Jessica) kaminski@epix.net


Joan Lavinia Gryder Stewart   She married Jay L Stewart. She is Jack's Uncle.  She sent me an e-mail with some information and that can be found here (More Info)

John S, Jr. [Jack] [7-12-1946]   [Jack has so much information that ...        

Jonas  [1956]    Red Bank, NJ with wife, Nancy, Daughter Shanna Rose Gryder, born November 23, 1998 in Riverview Hospital, Red Bank, NJ.  (Father/John[1926] Chemistry Professor (Ret.) at John Hopkins University-Married Rosa Meyersburg in 1949  /Grandfather/William Thomas & Myrtle -From the Midwest then moved to Los Angeles Suburbs)   Sister/Katie Gryder-Gibbs [1958]    Brother/Thomas William [1959]  jonas2@aol.com Jonas  [1956]    Red Bank, NJ with wife, Nancy   (Father/John[1926] Chemistry Professor (Ret.) at John Hopkins University-Married Rosa Meyersburg in 1949  /Grandfather/William Thomas & Myrtle -From the Midwest then moved to Los Angeles Suburbs)   Sister/Katie Gryder-Gibbs [1958]    Brother/Thomas William [1959]  Jonas5@home.com
Judy Gryder Plumlee    I am the daughter of Charles Delbert Gryder who was killed in an airplane crash in 1958.  My Grandfather was Charles Anderson Gryder and my grandmother was Birdie Elizabeth Shelby Gryder.   My father was an only child and had no brothers or sisters.  My sister and I were taken out of state as children and were not allowed to find or be involved with our dad's family.   My mother, Charlyne Gryder, is now deceased and I would like very much to find and communicate with some of my father's family.

I live in Stephenville, Texas with my husband and son and have a 19 year old daughter that attends Tarleton State University.   My E-Mail address is: plumlee@tarleton.edu

Judy Watson Petett   My dad's name was William Gryder Watson. His mom's name was Bessie Jane Gryder, and her father was Frederic Winfield Gryder. His father was Averis Gryder. The way I understand it is, Averis, orginally from Germany, brought his son, Frederic, over to the U.S., when he was a small child. Averis's wife, Jane Ingram died before making the trip. You think we might be related? I have more details if you like. Please feel free to email me.   jpetett@mchsi.com
Kelvin (Father/Roy  /Grandfather/Gaither  /Great Grandfather/Tillit)  Northwest NC near Boone   Brother to Scott D.  Kelvin's wife Rebecca is lead singer in a bluegrass band called the The Bluefields!  A picture of Rebecca can be found here, and band info can be found here!         E-Mail  kgryder@infoAve.Net News of Becca and crew can be found in this newspaper ad!
Kenneth (Ken)   Lubbock,Tx  [Father: Carl D. Gryder, Wilson, Tx] Brother: Don Gryder, Indonesia, Brother: Eugene Gryder, Irving, Tx., Neice: Susan Gryder Roland, on this page, Nephew: Donald Gryder Jr. on this page  Our ancestry came from Arkansas.     keng49@msn.com
Kenneth Gryder  My birth father is Lawrence Gryder, he was actually adopted by Kenneth William Gryder and Viola Gryder.  He retired a Lt. Colonel in the Marines, and at the time of my fathers adoption (April, 1947) they lived in Philadelphia, PA. I found this page by accident and just wanted to send a note, not sure where this line of the Gryder family tree aligns...if you have any information, I would be curious to see it.   kgryder@houston.rr.com

Ken [Married to Divina]   I have an uncle who lives in Illinois not far from the quad cities in Iowa.  We had a reunion a while back and there is a guy in Colonial Heights, VA named Ray Gryder who compiled a very interesting family tree.  Unfortunately, he doesn't know which country we are from. Another lady who came, had the family crest which is not in most of the crest books that you may find in malls these days.

I'm sorry to say this but having read "1984" by George Orwell and listening to what's being done in technology these days, I feel a bit uneasy about the Internet. kennydi@richmond.infi.net

Kirk Grayson [4-15-1960]  I currently live in Minneapolis, MN, but was raised in Eureka, KS. My dad's name is James Edmond and my mom is Joan. My Grandparents were Kit Carson Gryder and Twila, who lived in Lawrence KS.   Kit's father was Edmond Gryder and the family lived, and some decendants still do, in the area of Orrick, MO.  I have information going further back, but it is probably in a box that I can't find at home.  I have one brother, Scott, and one sister, Jana, who both live in Texas.       MNJayhawk@aol.com
James Ashleigh   I was born oct.1, 1972 and my fathers name is William D. Gryder and my grandfathers name (my dads dad) is William Ashleigh Gryder. My mothers name is Carol Petrie, although Petrie is her now remarried name. I am looking for anyone related to me or my dad or grandfather or knows personally who I am talking about, because as far as I know, i have no other family. this would change my life to find more immediate relatives. anyone with information on me and my Gryder family, PLEASE email me at NOMORA21@hotmail.com
Leander Rufus      My ggrandmother was born Martha Louvenia Gryder, her father was Leander Rufus Gryder and his parents were John and Nancy Gibbs Gryder. I live in Taylorsville,NC. I grew up in the Vashti Community, where my greatgrandparents raised their families...I would love to hear from anyone researching this family line.  Contact:  Rowena Childers Moore    rlin@abts.net
Lorilei Gryder Dreibelbis  (Graduated From Washington & Lee University in Lexington, VA, Majoring in American History)   [Tennessee]     I now have 2 young children & live in the VA blue Ridge. My grandmother who has done so much geneology is not passed, but very aged. there are a lot of stories she does not remember any more. My uncle is Robert Jonathan Gryder, i can't tell from the link if he is the one linked at the bottom of your page. he has served in the coast guard and marine corp (retired). If there is specific information you'd like me to ask my grandmother let me know. Maybe just a list of books she has written?   Email  ldgd@comcast.net  Update 01-01-2010
Lula May Gryder

Lucinda Gryder    My grandfather was Joseph Edward Gryder, usually called either J.E. or Edd Gryder. He lived in and around Dublin, Texas. His mother's name was Cynthia Louisa Lavina Henry. He had a large number of siblings, but I remember references only to three of his brothers Charlie, Houston, and Bob. I don't know what year he was born, but he married my grandmother, Louisa Pearl Bostick, in 1913 so was no doubt born in late 1800's. They had four children, Eddie Inez, Howard Elmo, Clarence Dulah, and William Doyle, who was my father.   I remember going one time to a family reunion in Stephenville, Texas when I was very small, but remember no details. My brothers and I grew up in Wyoming and Montana, and had no contact with the greater family, so we no doubt have lots of relatives we don't know and would love to hear from! My brother is Edd.     Lucinda@Gryder.com
Lydia Gryder   GGGrandmother of Kevin Wiggs.  She was married to Henderson Wilder. Their son (at least the only one we can identify) was William Edward Wilder; he was my Great-Grandfather. He married Mary Cordelia Botkin. One of their daughters was Murel Lydia Wilder (my Grandmother), who married Scott Wiggs. Their son was Garland Wiggs, who was my father.

On the Gryder Picture Album Page are pictures of Henderson & Lydia Wilder and their family, of William Edward and Mary Wilder and their family. I will send a follow-up e-mail with pictures of the next generation of Wilder brothers and sisters (my grandmother and her siblings).   Please feel free to contact me.   kwiggs@tidalwave.net

Lydia Ann   Henderson Wilder, my gggrandfather, was born Dec 12, 1831. He died Feb.28, 1914, and was buried in the New Liberty Cemetery in Pike County, Indiana. He married Lydia Ann Gryder, who was born Aug.4, 1840, and died May 22, 1907 and was buried beside her husband. I only know of two children born to them. Flora Jane Wilder, my ggrandmother, born May 28, 1866, and her sister Myrtle Wilder born Apr. 28, 1871. Flora Jane married Columbus Monroe Johnson, born May 27, 1862. They had four children. Nellie Johnson, my grandmother was born, Oct. 30, 1886. The other siblings were Basil Johnson, Nora Johnson, and Edith Johnson. Nellie Johnson married Edgar Golden Burns, my grandfather. Nellie and Edgar had four children. Brady Burns, Radie Burns, Ermil Burns, and Howard Lee Burns. Ermil Burns Hurt is my Mother.   Contact :  EXCELEAH@aol.com
Margaret Gryder Groom was my greatgrandmother. She married Rev. NeedhamYork Groom. my name is Wanda Carroll (Vanscoy) Robison.  If you have any information on the gryders please email me an address. Thanks much.   I am just learning the computer and having a ball.  I found info on the groom family reunion a couple of months ago and went to it in may.  I had so much fun and met so many lovely people. E-mail cer@lakecountry.net.
Marjorie Kathleen Gryder Smith [1952] in Aurora, IL (Father/Earl Winifred [1921 in Chase City, VA / Deceased 7-1-97] ] Married Kathleen Ardell Allgood [1924] in 1946  /Grandfather/Herman McKinley of Henderson, NC  /GG Grandfather ,Herman married to Dora)  Brother Richard Earl / Children  Kathleen M. Berenyi (9-1-72) and Donald J. Berenyi (6-30-75)    Email her Here
Martha Jean  [10/5/1934]  (Father D King Gryder-Mother Mary Virginia Shannon /GGrandfather Averis... former Sheriff of Alexander County, North Carolina  (Frederick and Obedience great-great grandparents.)   Carrollton, TX   E-Mail  martha_d1@verizon.net.
Martin Gryder
 I am a descendant of a Martin Gryder,through his son i believe, Jacob Grider/gryder, who was born 1762 in Pa. Jacob and his wife Rebecca Hinton Grider had several children, and apparently my gggrandfather, Martin wasone of them. My Martin was born in 1822 in Barren Co, Ky. He evidently was one that they all lost contact with. Any way He moved into Ar where my ggrandmother, his daughter, Amanda married and lived. I would love to be in contact with other Griders/Gryders and share info. thanks.         E-Mail  elaine    hodfam@prodigy.net

Martin Gryder  Descendants of Martin Gryder [born Abt. 1731, and died Abt. 1776 in Fredrick County, Virginia] are on this page.

Michele    My father was George Gryder. He had a brother Imel and a sister Jewel. Their mother's name was Lottie. Does anyone know this part of the Gryder clan?   mgryder@email.msn.com
Nora Brooks Gryder   
I was born in San Francisco CA, in 1956. My Father was Thomas Byrd Gryder. He was born in Monroe Louisiana, in 1919. His Father was Hiram Johnson Gryder, and he owned a general store in Monroe, Louisiana. My Father had 2 siblings. My Uncle Roy died some years ago in Texas. My Aunt Edna was also born in Monroe, in 1921, she is still alive, and lives in Amarillo, Texas. I currently live in Hilo, on the Big Island of Hawai'i. I would like to be able to trace back my Father's people, but my Aunt Edna who is 87, and in poor health, doesn't remember much because the family left Monroe, Louisiana in the 1920's. My Grandfather Hiram Johnson Gryder died in the 1930's in Colorado. My Grandmother, Sammie Gryder died in 1960 in Colorado. I would appreciate any help or assistance that you could give to me. I know that I have some kin named Frith from Rayville, LA. Any help would be appreciated! Please e-mail me at:  EMAIL
Pamela Jean (Gryder) Farmer  Sister of  Guy Otis Gryder (See for info)       pfarmer@usaonline.net
Patty   I was a gryder by birth but dont know a lot about my family history.  My dad was born in Statesville, NC and grew up in Kannapolis NC.    peteyb40@aol.com
Pricilla Breedlove  I too have been researching the Gryder line for over 30 years. Very interesting family and much material is in the Pennsylvania Genealogy Library in Philadelphia. I spent a week there and copied loads of material. I was once on their lending library list with several libraries so was privy to more material than I could possibly sort out.

My PROVEN LINE IS AS FOLLOWS;  JOSEPH EMMETT GRYDER I V, b1977 CA now at USNA in his senior year [in order to keep all these JE GRYDER's straight I number them Joseph Emmett is # IV]  JOSEPH EDWARD GRYDER I I I, b1945 Hawaii lived most of his early life in TN and FL resides in Ca and is with LAPD.  JOHN EARL GRYDER I I, b1915 lived in TN and FL, was a business owner in Miami and Hollywood for a number of years. Moved to TN in 1993 and is deceased and buried in TN. [I am his widow]  JOHN EDWARD GRYER I, b 1883 GA Lived and worked in TN and is buried in TN.

WILLIAM MALTIMORE GRYDER/KRIDER, b 1835 TN, Civil War Union Forces.  Had three families with first child born in 1860, Started using Grider in about 1879. Died in GA in 1905 and is buried there. Had several brothers and sisters of whom George Crider was the eldest and he moved to Alabama. I am in touch with some of that line. FREDRICK KRIDER /KREITHER b ca. 1800-05 in NC died after 1883 Lived in both TN and NC but spent most of his elderly years in northeast TN near Morristown. He is buried in TN I think. I have no proof of this.

From here on it is purely conjecture but it makes some sense as to generations and dates and places but I have NO proof.  Jacob Grider/Gryder/Kreighter/Krider Kriter. Living in Buncombe County NC which borders Tn with an easy hike over the mountain to Tennessee. He is living there in the early 1800's and was a Rev. War Veteran and listed as Major Jacob Gryder. He was about 98 years old and is the sworn affirmer to several RW vets who need verification of their RW service.  He is reputed to live in a very hard to reach part of the mountains and is said to seldom be seen.. Near this part of  NC is Grider"s Fort in what is now Lenoir North Carolina.  I have been there and there is a plaque erected to designate the site of the fort in what was once the old high school campus, but is now a residence for elderly.  Lovely place and the library is VERY user friendly. This fort may have possibly been used by Old Jacob but it was erected by Fredrick Gryder whom I believe to be the father of Jacob. This fort is really what was once called a block house and was built to shelter the people of that environs from the Indian Raids that took place during the mid 1700's The fort was one of three built during that time and was later used as a staging area for the men of VA , SC, GA , TN and NC who were recruited to fight the Battle of Kings Mountain in SC. ALL that I have stated about the fort and the Battle of Kings Mountain is well documented in several history books that are well known and can be found in most libraries.  If anyone wants these references I will be glad to give then to you but it will be a while [most likely fall] as my Granddaughter is being married in July in Virginia where she [Lorelei] attended Washington and Lee University.  

Does anyone have any Bible Records? You would think surely they had a Bible at some time in their lives and would have left some records of who they married and their children but to this point I have only found a dry hole. Write and tell me what you have. PBGryder@juno.com   Winter E-Mail (Snow Bird in FL)  edscrogin@juno.com

Ray Garland II   Born in 1962, son of Ray Garland 'Sonny' Gryder, b. 1939, the son of Lester Eugene Gryder, (1908-1978), the son of Thomas Relaford Gryder,(1877-1944), the son of William Garner Gryder,(1849-1926) the son of William Thomas 'Billy' Gryder, (1809-1888) the son of John H. Gryder,(1777-1861), the son of Conrad Grider/Gryder, (abt 1755-bef Oct 1833).

Pictures are very important to putting together the information. Let me know of anything you might have of your ancestors. I am working on the GRIDER spelling as well and I believe we are all connected even it is way back there. I have the death dates of John H. Gryder and Nancy Gibbs Gryder. They came from a family bible that belonged to John's youngest son Pinkney L. 'Pink' Gryder. Copies of these important pages were sent for publication in the Watauga Ancestry. Some of the information has already appeared conerning the FARTHING family ofthat same area that married into Pinkney's family.

The bible was given to me by a descendant of Pinkney's: a Mr. Harold R. Nelson of Crossville, TN. It lists John H. Gryder's death as July 28, 1861 and his wife Nancy's as June 26, 1850. She died Just after the 1850 census was taken. Pinkney and his wife Rebecca Pool and his 2 sisters who never married, Elizabeth W. and Sarah, are buried at Beaverdam Cemetery in Watauga Co., NC. We still do not know the location of John and Nancy's graves. But I have found out that Nancy had a sister named Obedience that married Frederick J. Gryder, Sr. Obedience and Nancy are probably the daughters of William Gibbs and Mary ???. They also had a sister Susannah 'Sulkey' and a brother named Averis. Frederick J. Gryder, Sr. named a son after him. Averis Gryder (1812-1910).

I have lots more info. and I am looking for more along with pictures and stories that might have been handed down through the years like the story of the 3 brothers who came from Germany via Holland and England to Pennsylvania. I hope you get this message and I hope to hear from other Gryder/Griders soon. Please write to me at the above provided address.  Recently received copies of the complete estate sale documents Cornelias Krider found at the NC Archives in Raleigh prove that Cornelius Grider and Conrad Grider are indeed one in the same as was thought by many Grider/Gryder researchers. We will for clarification purposes now refer to him as Cornelius 'Conrad' Grider as Conrad may have been his preferred name. The documents show that his widow, Sarah (who we seem to believe was a 'Goble') relinquished her right to administer the estate on July 17, 1819. This means that 'Conrad' died sometime in the first half of July 1819...some 183 yrs ago this July 2002. The estate papers include a listing of items sold at the sale of estate and to whom dated, Aug 5, 1819. Sarah relinquished her right to administer the estate to her son, John Gryder (the John who married Nancy Gibbs) and Philip Drum. Philip was most likely her son-in-law. Witness to the relinquishment document was her grandson Silas R. Drum (m. Mary 'Polly' Roe) who later became one of the initial settlers of the Macoupin Co., IL area. The following surnames are listed as purchasers at the estate sale: Warren, Lewis, Dagenhart, Shook, Wilson, Morrison, Drum, Williams, Eakerd, Hettrick, Moose, Moser, Gantt(?), Alexander, Hill, McClain, Little and of course Gryder.

This discovery should put to rest the idea that these (Cornelius and Conrad) were two separate people. This discovery along with the 1810 Lincoln Co., NC census entries for both a 'Conrad' and another for 'Cornelius' confirm these are different individuals. The two 1810 entries are for father and son (Cornelius, Jr.). Cornelius, Jr. is by the time of his father's death in 1819 already gone from NC and possibly in the Hickman Co., KY area. We know that he first appears there in 1822 in the tax listings.

The Cornelias Krider Lincoln Co., NC estate papers were found by Anne M. Dellinger of Crouse, NC.  So the children of Cornelius 'Conrad' Grider & Sarah 'Sally' Goble(?) are as follows:

Barbara 'Barbary' Gryder (m. James Williams)

Sarah Mahala Gryder/Grider (m. Thomas Redmon James)

Catherine 'Chatrena' Gryder (m. Hugh Warren)

John Gryder (m. Nancy Gibbs)

Frederick J. Gryder (m. Obedience Gibbs)

Martin Gryder (m. Clarissa McKee, 2nd m. Flora M. Pope)

Cornelius Gryder, Jr. (m. ???, 2nd m. Elizabeth (Johnson))

Elizabeth Gryder (never married)

Nancy Gryder (never married)

??? Gryder (m. Philip Drum)

Also discovered recently: the daughter of Frederick J. Gryder, Jr. & Sarah Ann 'Sally' Sherrill known only as B.Elizabeth Gryder (b. 1837) is now thought to be Elizabeth Obedience 'Bedie' Gryder (m. George Dagenhart). George died in the Civil War. This couple had a daughter, Margaret Jane Dagenhart (b. 1862, d. 1936) who would later become the 2nd wife of William Garner Gryder, her cousin. Elizabeth is said to have had several illegitimate children after George's death who retained the Dagenhart surname. This information was provided to me in July 2002 by Dagenhart researcher, Jerry Dagenhart of Cumberland Co., VA.

Hope this will be further help to the Gryder family genealogy enthusiasts!

Thanks, Ray Gryder, II , Chester, VA   Home email:  rgryder2@aol.com

Reid Kent [1939]   My Gryder ancestors came from North Carolina, so far as I know. My Father was Dwight Edgar (m. Dottie Alvertie Ward), grandfather was Tillit Bogardus? (m. Hannah Green), ggf was John Roswell (m. Emma Lou Simmons), gggf was Leander Rufus (m. Elizabeth White) and ggggf was John (m. Nancy Gibbs).  I have always been told that John was born in NC or PA in 1778 but I have no other information on him.   I would be very interested in communicating with anyone who can connect him with either the Revolutionary War soldiers from North Carolina, or the Gryders (Kreiders) from PA.  It is interesting that the "three brothers" story seems to be common to the Gryder family no matter where they live. There must be some truth to it, or we would not all have heard some version of it.       Reid@Gryder.com  http://members.aol.com/ReidGryder/index.html  [Decendants of John Gryder and Nancy Gibbs can be found here ]
To be a Virginian either by Birth, Marriage, Adoption, or even on one's Mother's side, is an Introduction to any State in the Union, a Passport to any Foreign Country, and a Benediction from Above.........Anonymous

Richard Earl (Rick) [1946 in Portsmouth, VA] Kenosha, Wisconsin (Formerly  Aurora, Illinois and Portsmouth, Virginia)  (Father/Earl Winifred [1921 in Chase City, VA / Deceased 7-1-97] ] Married Kathleen Ardell Allgood [1924] in 1946  /Grandfather/Herman McKinley of Henderson, NC  /GG Grandfather ,Herman married to Dora)   Sister /Marjorie Kathleen [1950] Two sons, Scott Richard & Robert Jennings.   E-Mail  Rick  Home Page: http://gryder.com/

Rob    I am from Salisbury, N.C.  Right now I am in the Navy living In Kings bay GA. Stationed at the submarine base. I stumbled across your webpage by accident and thought I would send you some mail just to let you know who I am.   Rob@eagnet.com
Robert Jennings [1980 in Aurora, IL]  (Father/Richard Earl  [1946] /Grandfather/Earl W. [1921] /Great Granfather/Herman /G Grandfather Amos) Illinois   One brother, Scott R.   Mail me here.

  Rob is into music and his site for music is: The Empire of Sound Website  

Robert Jonathan   [1946]    I go by R. J. and it stands for Robert Jonathan.  When I checked into Amchitka [Alutian Island 1200 miles west of Anchorage] as the Hazardous Materials Manager, there were 7 managers, 5 of which were named Robert. Thus I go by R.J.  We live in Alaska and have done so since 1989.  Grandfather was Fredrick Kreiter (sp) brother to Fredrick, Barnibus (sp), Cornealius (sp) and Joseph, who were bookbinders in Germany.  Don't know where in Germany.  They Landed in Philadelphia in 1715. (I've been told from a village across the river from Frankfurt) Germany.  My line is from Jacob, the youngest, approximately 17 when he arrived.  I think it goes like this: Jacob, then his son John, his son Fredrick, his son William, his son Fredrick, his son William Maltamore, his son John Edward (my grandfather), his son John Earl (my dad) and me. This information is NOT in the Mormon library in Salt Lake.  Alittle about me:  Free and Accepted Mason 3rd Degree, age 50, occupation Hazardous Materials Manager, married 22 years, no kids, one brother in Anaheim CA., dad passed away in July 95, mom is 72 and living part time in East Tennessee and part time in Bradenton, FL.       E-Mail  GryderAK@aol.com
Robert  owner/agent remax showcase properties Houston, Texas 77069.  family originally from Stephenville, Texas. You can contact me at (281) 537-1400 office or  ROBERTGRYDER@ev1.net
Ron Gryder   I'm from Orrick, Mo. whereGryders homesteaded back in the 1800's. My father is Benny Gryder and I have a 14yr old son named Brett. I was born in 1955.     email me at   morel@raycounty.net
Ronald W. Gryder II    My grandfather is Lewis McDonald and his father and mother were Jay and Estelle Gryder of Statesville, NC.    sgryder@bellsouth.net
Roxanne     (Father/Robert Ryan born in Atlanta, GA an only child)     rrg5@cornell.edu
Sammy Darrell    Homer, Louisiana...  I have two sons, Samuel Kasey Gryder-12/8/81 and Clayton Brooks Gryder-4/19/88 My father Robert Carroll Gryder lives on the orginal Gryder Estate in Claiborne Parish, Louisiana   Gryder@prysm.net

Scott D.   (Father/Roy  Grandfather/Gaither  Great Grandfather/Tillit)  Kernersville, NC   Brother to Kelvin  
Scott Richard  [Currently Reside in Oswego, IL] [One brother, Robert J.] Son of Richard E. Gryder born 1946 in Portsmouth,VA, son of Earl Gryder born 1921 in Chase City,VA, son of Herman Mckinley Gryder born in 1900 in Chase City,VA, son of Albert Mason Sherrill (Amos) Gryder born in 1860 in Alexander Co.,NC. Amos Gryder was the son of Frederick J. Gryder Jr. born 10-2-1814 In Taylorsville, NC who married Sally M Sherrill of Catawba County. Amos was the son of Frederick J. Gryder,SR who was born in 1786 and married Obedience?? Amos Gryder married Dora Isabel Gryder w! ! ho is the daughter of William Garner Gryder born in 1849 in Alexander Co., NC. He was the son of William "Billy" Gryder born in 1809, who was the son of John H Gryder who was born in 1778 and married to Nancy Gibbs. Frederick J. Gryder, Sr and John H. Gryder were brothers and may be the sons of Conrad Gryder/Grider who was married to a Sarah??


Sherry   The Gryder family I'm a part of is primarly from the East Coast -- North Carolina and Virginia, specifically.   Most, if not all, haven't ventured far.  My grandparents are Mary Elizabeth and Tyree A. Gryder Sr.   My grandfather grew up in Chase City. Both are living and reside in Alexandria, Virginia.  By the way, I was born in Alexandria, Virginia and am now residing not far from my birth place -- Springfield, Virginia. I'm 35 and have a sister, Vicki who is 39.  She too resides in Virginia, not too far from me. I work  for The Washington Post where I have been for 16 years.     E-Mail   SHERG21@aol.com
Stephanie  (Gryder) Conners    I recently decided to start researching the Gryder family history, but do not have much to go on. My family does not keep really good records. I am part of a very large Gryder family, my name is Stephanie (maiden name Gryder) and my father is H. Floyd Gryder and is the youngest of 8 children. His father was Vernon James Gryder and his mother was Ruby Lackey Gryder of Chase City, VA. Vernon James Gryder was part of a large Gryder family as well. He was one of many children, all boys.  Contact Stephanie here.
Susan (Rowland)  [1964 in Texas]  (Father Donald Ray of Indonesia) Granddaughter of Carl Dean Gryder of Wilson, Tx , & greatgranddaughter ofthe late Sam Houston Gryder. I am trying to find out about the Gryder's that lived in Arkansas around the 1880's . That is as far back as we have researched our heritage. Home Page: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Meadows/6400/  E-Mail  sbrowland@aol.com
James Thomas Gryder
    Email     Wife's name is Sandra
Trisha Gryder  (Cory's mother)   I am divorced from Dale Gryder grandson of Tilit & Hannah Gryder.   We have a history of the Gryder family researched by Peal Gryder Stickle of Catawba County.  In that she has determined that Gryder is a Dutch name, and traces the family tree to John Grider, a furniture maker during the time of the Revountiary War.

I also have a book on Caldwell Co, NC (where we live ) that has the names of the men from Caldwell Co that signed up for the Civil War and it too has a Grider.  Also, in our county, there used to be a fort called Fort Grider. It is no longer there, but there is a marker showing where it once stood. It too is from the Rev war era. As far as I can tell, Grider was the proper spelling. Ms Stickle contributes the change in spelling to some of the family that could not read and signed up for the Civil War. They told people their names and they spelled it the way it sounded.     gryder@twave.net

Tzigane Gryder Monda   I am the daughter of Harold E. Gryder,  granddaughter of Herman Gryder, great grandduaghter of Edmund Gryder.  Herman was the brother of Kit Gryder. I am married to Josh Monda, and we have one daughter Sarai Rayne Monda. We live in Reading Pa, but I am originally from Missouri.  I am  currently researching the family history of the Gryders and their roots. Any information that anyone could provide would be most helpful.   Thanks.    My email is   tziganem@hotmail.com
Valentine Gryder Information:   I am Lisa Jones Drutz.  My great, great grandmother Flora Wilder was the dgtr. of Henderson Wilder and Lydia Ann Gryder. Lydia was dgtr. of Val Gryder. Our family notes have referred to Val Gryder, and his trek from the Netherlands, settling in Ky and marrying a Scotch girl named "Mary". Just located your Gryder genealogy site the other day. Had no luck with the name and some occasional genealogy searches till then. Family notes say Val fought in Civil War for Union, and was in a Confederate prison. Lydia and Val moved to Indiana when Lydia was 12. Mary, the wife, and dgtr. Emily, died when Lydia was very young. Supposedly Lydia was cared for by "Old Liza" after that happened. That's about all the family knows about Val Gryder. None of this has been substantiated by records as of yet, just notes from family bible. Thanks for any help you can give.  Lisa can be reached at:  ldrutz@goodnet.com
Victoria Lynn Gryder [Vickie]   Biloxi, MS    Sister to John S. [Jack] Gryder      VGCTRC@aol.com
Vicki Martin Gryder    Married to Donald Gryder Jr. We live in White Oak, TX and have two children Brittany Mechelle age 6 and Bryan Adam age 8 months. Donald is the son of Don Gryder on this page. Grandson of Carl Gryder.  Our E-Mail address is    Vicki800@aol.com
Walter R .  (Father/Walter C.  /Grandfather/C. Harlan)   Alexander County, North Carolina    I found, in some information my brother picked up a year or so ago, about the descendants of a distant relative who live in Michigan. This group is descended from a John R. Gryder who was born in Wilkes County, NC in the 1820s. This leads me to believe that John R. might be the son, or grandson, of my great-great-great grandfather John, who was born in 1778 in the same general area. The spelling of their family name somehow got changed to "Crider." I may be able to locate more details from other family sources. 

E-Mail   wgryder@tii-ditel.com (work)    wgryder@hotmail.com (personal)

William Clifford (Bill) (Father/William E. of Orrick, MO and brother of Edmond Harry (Ted), whom is already listed).  I live in Fairbanks, Alaska (farthest north Gryder?) and have been in Alaska for 29 years. Until two years ago I had never met a Gryder to whom I did not know exactly how I was related. Finding all these Gryders is strange but interesting. E-mail is welcome. Ted (Edmond Harry) has the geneological information on our branch.   E-Mail  gryder@polarnet.com

William Gryder   Here is a PDF file from another web site showing a receipt from the 1880's  Click here or right click to download


Geographic Names Information System Query Results for Gryder

Christopher Gryder

Debra  Grider Andras  Sony Corp.

A Picture of Ryan Gryder and his group.

Janice Gryder, Principal

Jonathan Gryder: Recent Work

Kejserindens Gryder  Check this out!






Leta Gryder Hand Made Crafts

PSC Robert Gryder, a 36-year military veteran

Recording EDGe  Edd Gryder

Sandra L. Gryder  Attorney

Sara Gryder  Student

From Reid Gryder...

I was passing through Denmark a few years back and stopped in a department store in Copenhagen. As I was walking through the store, I saw a big sign overhead with the word "Gryder" on it. I asked a store clerk who spoke English what the word ment. She could not understand what I was asking until I took out my passport and showed her my name. Then she explained that "Gryder" in Danish means "kitchenware", in particular, pots and pans. Indeed the sign was over a department with all kinds of kitchenware. As I was leaving the department store, the clerk called out to me, "Goodbye, Mr. Potts!".

John (Jack) Gryder contacted Claus Bülow Christensen in Denmark and received this info about the web page  http://www.metronome.dk/film/leksikon/gryder.html.

In Danish the word "gryder" can be translated to the English word "pots". It's plural of the word "en gryde", which means "a pot". And "the pot" is in Danish: "gryden". So the word gryder can in a Danish sentence look like this: "Jeg har mange flotte gryder" - which means: "I have many fine pots"   The text you have found is a description of what kind of pots were used for cooking in the Danish middle age.


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