Great Picture Stories...

These stories are really told by the images of the event. This section is growing so stop back often!

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    NEW... Lake Michigan Sunrises

    NEW... What situation could possibly lead to this?

    Pictures that need no captions!

    2010 Census Takers doing their job!  (.WMV File)

    A pretty "wild"  ride with the U. S. Coast Guard

    A Bridge, A Train, and Fire!

    A Cop frisks a suspect whose pants are too low  (.WMV File)

    A Math Question:  Or can an 8 ton backhoe cut an Interstate Bridge in half?

    A Sea Captain's Worst Nightmare... breaking up on shore!

     Big Caterpillar Bucket Tractor is a "Balancing Act" (.WMV File)

    Boiling Seas and Ships that Are in Them!  (.WMV File)

     Commercials that didn't quite make the Super Bowl!

     Do you believe in 2nd Chances?

     Difference between the USA & a Muslim Country

     Extreme Pilot Errors   (.wmv)

     Government Boneyard full of Money!

     Great Aviation Art of WW 2 by Nicolas Trudgian

     Ho-hum, Just another "Day on the River"

    North Sea Fishing at it's VERY Worst!

     Kulula Airlines (S. Africa)... Because they just make you feel SAFE!

     Nikon D3 camera Cut In Half!

     Obamanation  by Ed Montana

    Old Cars and Steam Engines

    One Ball: Dog vs. Deer

    One VERY  Lucky & Happy Penguin!  (.WMV File)

    One Darn Smart Dog!  (.WMV File)

  "reddit Effect"

    Snipers... It's what they do!  (.WMV File)

    Things that make you say OMG!

    Ultra Marine Transport... How to ship the Unshipable!

    U.S. Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River (Recovery)

    Why the Railroad guage (Distance Between Wheels) is What it is!

    WWII Tank Found after 62 Years!


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